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Thomas writes on December 30, 2019:

My first session with the unique Lady Mila!

Again and again I noticed Lady Mila from Frankfurt on various sites and forums. I had read a lot about her and I became aware that this lady was really very sadistic. So I wrote to her and got an appointment quickly and easily. So I arrived at the agreed time in front of her studio and a young, dainty, beautiful young lady opened the door for me, who honestly looked different than in the pictures. Lady Mila’s hair colour was much lighter than in the pictures, had way less make-up and looked so much more natural and SHE has such a sympathetic charisma that SHE immediately cast a spell over me. Lady Mila is one of the few dominatrixes who owns her own studio, which she has furnished very stylishly and tastefully. So we had a short preliminary talk and I explained Lady Mila my preferences and taboos. When I mentioned the word ballbusting, the eyes of this beautiful woman were flashing immediately and SHE was visibly happy and I quickly realized that there will be a lot of action for my slave-genintals.

So I was sent to take a shower and it started quite fast. Before I could greet my mistress adequately I was immediately bound to the cross and before I knew it, this passionate sadist rammed her knee into my slave testicles for the first time. It seems she could not wait and again and again I was hit alternately by her right knee and then by her left knee. Reflex-like I closed my legs again and again and fidgeted like a fish in the net. And so my tormentor also fixed my legs and tortured me tirelessly and with pleasure. Again and again I saw the sparkling in the eyes of my young mistress. Despite her almost girlish youthfulness, this beautiful woman was very well-versed. I was already soaking wet and so Lady Mila interrupted the session so that I could get a towel and dry off a bit. So the young lady led me into HER second studio room and I was allowed to greet her properly and kiss her feet. After I did not do this to the fullest satisfaction of my mistress, I immediately received the first slap and Lady Mila showed me first of all where my place was.

Now the sadistic goddess took one of HER favorite whips and gave me the first 10 announced blows as punishment, because I had opened the wrong door by mistake. Already at the first blow I felt the intransigence and severity of my tormentor and when the eighth blow hit me fully in the side because of my extreme fidgeting, I collapsed and bent over in front of the mistress. So this absolutely exceptional mistress immediately fetched me a water, in order to be able to torment me afterwards pleasurably further. And now SHE practiced my absolute favourite discipline again and let me stand broad-legged in front of her, before the first kicks came over me. I had probably hit the nerve with this kind of play. She obviously enjoyed squeezing my testicles, pulling them out or working on them with her nails, only to kick me back in again afterwards. I moaned like a little child and always took a step back. But my mistress spurred this apparently even more and SHE obviously enjoyed it when HER beautiful high heels clapped again and again on my testicles. So I sank down a second time together and Lady Mila allowed me a short break and ordered me to drink another sip of water to give me the remaining lashes of my punishment. I had earned another 10 lashes, when I reflexively grabbed my mistress’ beautiful legs during the whipping to find hold and almost knocked the lady over with it.

So the second part of my punishment followed and my Dominatrix noticed that I was already a bit battered and thankfully did not execute the blows in full hardness. Here I noticed the enormous empathy of the lady once again, SHE reads HER opposite like a book. Now that I had received the twenty blows with pride, Lady Mila ordered me again to stand before HER with my legs apart. Again SHE sat there with shining eyes and aimed right between my legs, took a short swing and hit me right in the pain center. Again and again it drove me into my upper abdomen and I twitched away again and again reflexively, but that did not stop the sadist from going on and on. The blows into my privates also brought a smile to the young lady’s face. I was so happy that my mistress enjoyed torturing me, that’s what I was there for.

So I was allowed to touch my slave dick and I started to jerk it off while this exceptional lady continued torturing me. So it did not take long before I reached an enormous climax and my first session with the wonderful Lady Mila came to an end.

I met a beautiful young, passionate, natural and incredibly sadistic young lady with addiction potential in HER own realm with a very pleasant atmosphere. She never acted artificially, knew exactly what SHE was doing and despite the humor and the relaxed atmosphere during the session she never left any doubt where the slave’s place is. I hope I will experience many more sessions with this young dominatrix playing in the Champions League!

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