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Tell us about your experiences with Lady Mila

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Kai writes on 04.01.2020 I wanted to thank Lady Mila again. The arrangement of the appointment was very uncomplicated.  I had my first session with her on Saturday. I was very nervous, but Lady Mila could handle it perfectly. First I was allowed to kiss her boots and her wonderful feet and then she fixed me on the gyn chair and carefully prepared and worked on my back door. She always paid attention to how I was doing and was very beginner friendly. In the end, I enjoyed the time with her very much despite the initial uncertainty, even though my body showed a lot of nervousness. I am looking forward to a repetition with her, which will definitely come. Lady Mila fascinates you very fast ;) Kai

Thomas writes on December 30, 2019: My first session with the unique Lady Mila! Again and again I noticed Lady Mila from Frankfurt on various sites and forums. I had read a lot about her and I became aware that this lady was really very sadistic. So I wrote to her and got an appointment quickly and easily. So I arrived at the agreed time in front of her studio and a young, dainty, beautiful young lady opened the door for me, who honestly looked different than in the pictures. Lady Mila's hair colour was much lighter than in the pictures, had way less make-up and looked so much more natural and SHE has such a sympathetic charisma that SHE immediately cast a spell over me. Lady Mila is one of the few dominatrixes who owns her own studio, which she has furnished very stylishly and tastefully. So we had a short preliminary talk and I explained Lady Mila my preferences and taboos. When I mentioned the word ballbusting, the eyes of this beautiful woman were flashing immediately and SHE was visibly happy and I quickly realized that there will be a lot of action for my slave-genintals. So I was sent to take a shower and it started quite fast. Before I could greet my mistress adequately I was immediately bound to the cross and before I knew it, this passionate sadist rammed her knee into my slave testicles for the first time. It seems she could not wait and again and again I was hit alternately by her right knee and then by her left knee. Reflex-like I closed my legs again and again and fidgeted like a fish in the net. And so my tormentor also fixed my legs and tortured me tirelessly and with pleasure. Again and again I saw the sparkling in the eyes of my young mistress. Despite her almost girlish youthfulness, this beautiful woman was very well-versed. I was already soaking wet and so Lady Mila interrupted the session so that I could get a towel and dry off a bit. So the young lady led me into HER second studio room and I was allowed to greet her properly and kiss her feet. After I did not do this to the fullest satisfaction of my mistress, I immediately received the first slap and Lady Mila showed me first of all where my place was. Now the sadistic goddess took one of HER favorite whips and gave me the first 10 announced blows as punishment, because I had opened the wrong door by mistake. Already at the first blow I felt the intransigence and severity of my tormentor and when the eighth blow hit me fully in the side because of my extreme fidgeting, I collapsed and bent over in front of the mistress. So this absolutely exceptional mistress immediately fetched me a water, in order to be able to torment me afterwards pleasurably further. And now SHE practiced my absolute favourite discipline again and let me stand broad-legged in front of her, before the first kicks came over me. I had probably hit the nerve with this kind of play. She obviously enjoyed squeezing my testicles, pulling them out or working on them with her nails, only to kick me back in again afterwards. I moaned like a little child and always took a step back. But my mistress spurred this apparently even more and SHE obviously enjoyed it when HER beautiful high heels clapped again and again on my testicles. So I sank down a second time together and Lady Mila allowed me a short break and ordered me to drink another sip of water to give me the remaining lashes of my punishment. I had earned another 10 lashes, when I reflexively grabbed my mistress' beautiful legs during the whipping to find hold and almost knocked the lady over with it. So the second part of my punishment followed and my Dominatrix noticed that I was already a bit battered and thankfully did not execute the blows in full hardness. Here I noticed the enormous empathy of the lady once again, SHE reads HER opposite like a book. Now that I had received the twenty blows with pride, Lady Mila ordered me again to stand before HER with my legs apart. Again SHE sat there with shining eyes and aimed right between my legs, took a short swing and hit me right in the pain center. Again and again it drove me into my upper abdomen and I twitched away again and again reflexively, but that did not stop the sadist from going on and on. The blows into my privates also brought a smile to the young lady's face. I was so happy that my mistress enjoyed torturing me, that's what I was there for. So I was allowed to touch my slave dick and I started to jerk it off while this exceptional lady continued torturing me. So it did not take long before I reached an enormous climax and my first session with the wonderful Lady Mila came to an end. I met a beautiful young, passionate, natural and incredibly sadistic young lady with addiction potential in HER own realm with a very pleasant atmosphere. She never acted artificially, knew exactly what SHE was doing and despite the humor and the relaxed atmosphere during the session she never left any doubt where the slave's place is. I hope I will experience many more sessions with this young dominatrix playing in the Champions League!

Luke on 28.08.2019

Dreamlike mistress you are

Thomas, 2019-08-06

Today, I was with Lady Mila for the 3rd time and have now decided to subordinate myself 100% to her and do everything for her, whatever she wants. In the penultimate session she had made the topic "bi" the center of attention. After the shower I massaged my mistress's feet. Sometime it rang and a short time later a naked man came into the room and said to me: you know what you have to do. Immediately I caught his cock to blow long and deep. Then he fucked me in the ass and then laid down on the bed to me, after another oral session, to inject his whole load in my mouth. Today we talked for a long time. During the session my mistress has made many photos and videos. From today Lady Mila disposes of me and my time and will order me to her when she wants. She will also offer me on different portals for men and women. Next she has planned a kidnapping. She will throw me naked, tied up in a trunk and drive somewhere and have me raped.... Thomas

Ruud, 2018-09-01

Dear lady Mila, With this email I want to share with you how much I like your mind fuck in men that should be wearing KG. You inspired me to buy one who Im wearing since two days now. It feels very natural and  my new CB 3000 is very effective. Thank you for kind advice! Kind regards Ruud

2017-12-02 In December 2017 I visited Lady Mila. It was the second time. I will write my report in English. Please excuse my grammar. The report will be also too short. The time with Lady Mila was definitely more. Since English is a foreign language for me it’s also probable, that I'm not able to express some of my feelings as exact as I could do this in German. Be sure I was much more euphoric about Lady Mila and her treatment. To start with: The whole experience was wonderful. The entire weekend (2nd to 3rd of December 2017) was definitely the best time of my life. I love my mistress. I really love her. And I will do anything to see her as soon as possible again. I will also try to be the best sl*ve possible for her, to become her favourite toy. That's my goal in life. Lady Mila is a dream. Nothing than an incredible dream. I still can't believe, someone like her is real. Sometimes I think I’m still dreaming. And believe me: If she would be just a dream, if I would have to sleep to see her, I would never wake up again. I need her so bad. I never needed anyone in my life so much like her. But let’s begin with my report: My journey to Lady Mila started at 05:00 CET. I showered and shaved my entire body. I was ordered to wear a buttplug the whole day, so I put it in my *ss. Like always I was wearing my Holy Trainer (chastity cage) and my personal sl*ve-collar for her. At 06:00 CET I reached my car and was heading towards Frankfurt. The session in Frankfurt started with some work for me. At 14:45 CET my goddess sent me some orders via WhatsApp. I had to organize a salat for her and buy a wardrobe for her studio. I managed to get everything within two hours. I loved it. I always love to obey her. To fulfill her will. And I really love to be used to keep her life pleasant and easy. Thank you so much Lady Mila for your first orders of the day. My reward was her spit and her p*ss. I’m addicted to both of them, but I love her spit more than anything else. I really love the taste and smell of it. I served many women, but I never tasted spit as delightful as LadyMilas. I can’t get enough of her spit and my c*ck always reacts immediately on it. Thank you so much Lady Mila for letting me taste and feel your spit so often during the entire weekend. While my goddess enjoyed her salat I was allowed to present some gifts to her. My mistress was really pleased with them. I think she loved the chocolate and the Panna Cotta most. I was able to taste them as well. My mistress fed me a piece of chocolate and spat some Panna Cotta all over my face. Delightful. As reward for my gifts I was allowed to sniff,  lick and m*ssage her beautiful feet. Since my goddess had her p*riod I was also allowed to s*ck on a used t*mp*n. It was so wonderful to have something in my mouth that was in her beautiful p*ssy before. And it was just the beginning. During the weekend I s*cked on so many t*mp*ns. I lost count. The next step was t*ilet training. Lady Mila sh*tted in a dog bowl and used my tongue as  t*ilet paper. It was pure heaven to clean her beautiful *ss. My c*ck was really twitching in his cage. After that I had to consume her waste in front of her. She verbally humiliated me a lot and really enjoyed how I eat her sh*t. Since Lady Mila had a stressful week, I was allowed to m*ssage her back, neck, arms, legs and butt. That was a wonderful experience. I really loved it. I’m still happy that I was allowed to touch that gorgeous body. I’m still happy that I was allowed to bring my mistress some relaxation. Thank you so much for this gift Lady Mila. While relaxing my goddess told me that she would love to see me s*ck c*ck and sw*llow c*m tonight. She told me, that I would do this after dinner in Frankfurt. That she would find me a male prostitute. That she would videotape my poor s*cking attempt. I was sooo excited. But before we were heading to town, she had some other things in mind. First I was decorated with humiliating words and phrases. “Pig”, “Please! Sh*ve c*ck in it”, “S*cker for free tonight”, “Sl*ve”, etc... She also painted some spurting c*cks on my body. She used a permanent marker to do it. I absolutely loved this form of humiliation. After that I had to entertain her. Lady Mila was smoking in a chair and I had to dance naked in front of her. Like always my goddess was videotaping everything. I was able to really amuse her. God, how I loved her beautiful laughter. How I loved her mocking. I’m just living for it. Suddenly she stood up and gave me a b*ll kick. She said it was time to free my c*ck. She said, she was in the mood to paddle and hurt it. I was fixed with spread legs. The moment she released my c*ck, it jumped to life. The effect made her smile. She even used a Hitachi wand to gave me more pleasure. But the joy was short. With an evil grin, Lady Mila took her paddle. I was screaming. I was whimpering. I was in pure agony. But Lady Mila just smiled on me. “Shut up, p*g!” <bang>“You get, what you deserve!” <bang, bang, bang > “Shut up!” <bang>  “I doesn’t want to hear a noise!” <bang, bang> “Shut up! Nobody here care about your whining!“ <bang, bang, bang, bang > “And know thank me sl*ve. Thank me for each hit.” <bang > “Tell me how much you enjoy it.” <bang,  bang > “Thank me.”… Three days later my c*ck and balls are still dark blue because of her treatment. I love these signs of her ownership. I love her cruelty. I love that she let me taste her paddle. I’m her toy. I only exist for her pleasure. Thank you for always using me anyway you like Lady Mila. After torturing me, my goddess took some selfies of us. I loved to feel her so close to me. I loved to feel her soft hand on my back. My mistress freed me and my c*ck was locked again. She then ordered a taxi. It was time for dinner. We visited a burger restaurant. My goddess spat on me and I had to drink her p*ss out of a bottle. She consumed a tasty burger. I had some fries. I couldn't eat many of them. I had just eyes for her. It was so wonderful to be so close to her. To watch her. I really, really love this woman. After that she guided me to a male prostitute. I had to pay for the bl*wj*b. I had to pay to sw*ll*w his c*m. I s*cked him on my knees in a corner of the street. My goddess was supervising everything. She ordered me to s*ck harder. She told me, that I can only stop, when I taste his c*m in my throat. It was cold and the guy started to really f*ck my mouth. Other people were p*ssing. It was so wonderful. So humiliating. My c*ck was swelling in his cage. The guy was moaning. More and more. And then… I was feeling his c*ck explode in my mouth. He shot his c*m directly in my throat. I sw*ll*wed all of it and was gasping for air. My goddess gave me her beautiful laughter and a pleased smile. I did so well. She asked, if my bl*wj*b was pleasant. It was. She smiled and managed to get the phone number of the other man. She said, she was sure his service would be needed in the future. I think, she had my *ss in mind. She also told me, she would love to see me c*m in HIS throat. After that we headed back to her place. It was really late now, so we relaxed a little. Lady Mila was lying in her bed and I gave her another m*ssage. She was really happy and pleased. I was so absolute happy as well. At 04:00 CET she decided, that it was the right time to lock me into the studio-cage. The plug was still in my *ss, when she closed the door. She smiled at me and spat into my face and mouth. Four or five times! I also got some used socks to sniff on them and dream of her feet during the night. Annotation: Lady Mila promised me, that I would be able to sniff on a worn p*nty during the night. She gave this p*nty to me in the early evening. It smelled sooo delightful. I put it away, but couldn't find it, when it was time to sleep in the cage. So I was allowed to smell on her socks instead. We found that p*nty the next day. Lady Mila gifted it to me. I was so happy. I’m so addicted to her s*x. The odour of her p*ssy absolutely ensl*ved me to her… Thank you so much for your gift, my beautiful mistress. The cage is really small and I could hardly sleep. I was thinking of Lady Mila the whole time. My c*ck was nearly always hard and pressed against my chastity belt. I needed so bad to p*ss. I had an empty bottle. But with a chastity belt around my c*ck, I wasn’t sure, if I would be able to p*ss into it. I felt some pressure in my *ss as well. It was not only the plug. I needed to sh*t. Hours p*ssed. Then - around 14:00 CET - I finally heard my goddess. She was so beautiful. She spat on me and opened the cage. She had a huge amount of p*ss for me. I eagerly drank her fabulous nectar. The next two hours Lady Mila stayed in bed and ordered me around. I did some work for her - mostly at the floor in front her bed. From time to time she spat in my mouth. I was also allowed to lick and m*ssage her beautiful feet. It was wonderful to look at her. In my opinion women are the most beautiful, when they just woke up. Annotation: I bought a remote controlled electro-shock-collar for Lady Mila. Normally dogs are trained with it. I ordered it weeks ago and it was sent directly to her. On Sunday my goddess wanted to use the collar on my c*ck and balls, but we never tested it before. To make it short: It didn’t work. I took it with me and fixed it on Tuesday. It’s ready for some heavy cbt now. It is lying in my cellar and waiting for Lady Mila. I will definitely experience some electro-shocks during my next session with my goddess. I ordered breakfast for her, and she told me, that I would be consuming her sh*t soon again. Around 16:00 CET she produced a huge amount of it. Again I was kneeling in front of her and eat her divine sh*t out of a dog bowl. I was struggling and she mocked and humiliated me really hard. I managed to eat ¾ of the portion. After that I was so full. I couldn't eat a single bite more. My goddess showed mercy. She even gifted me. I was allowed to *ssist her in the bathroom. I watched her showering and my c*ck nearly burst out of my cage. What I saw was pure heaven. Pure perfection. Annotation: Whenever I see my goddess naked I’m blown away, but Sunday it was harder than usual. She wanted to tease me. She wanted to see my c*ck hurt in my cage. After showering I was gifted again. My goddess ordered me to rub lotion on her naked body. I wasn’t allowed to touch her breasts and her belly, but I gently touched the rest of her divine beauty. My hands were so close to her wonderful, gorgeous p*ssy. Just one or two millimeters away. I could even smell her scent. I was so absolute h*rny. Thank you so much for this glorious tease, Lady Mila. Thank you so much for using me this way. I think my goddess was h*rny as well. She said it was time to f*ck me. She planned to chain me to her gyno-chair. She showed me her toys. There were so many things, she wanted to shove deep in my *ss. She was looking forward to strapon-f*ck me. She also wanted to use one of my gifts. I bought an inflatable dilator for her and the possibility to f*ck my urethra with it put a smile on her face. She wanted to let me suffer and taste her superiority once more. Since my mouth was still “smelling like sh*t”, she wanted to let me experience some breathplay as well. She planned to put a plastic bag on my head. I should desperately gasp for air while she abuses my holes. My horniness reached new levels. I was soooo looking forward to this treatment. My goddess ordered me to clean my *ss. I should give myself four or five enemas. While I was busy in the bathroom my goddess put some makeup on her beautiful face. She also slipped into an exhilarating latex dress. She wanted to videotape everything. She also wanted to make a lot of photos. But everything came differently than expected. Suddenly my stomach rebelled against the caviar. I felt so ill. I was lying in the bathroom and thought I had to vomit every second. The thought, that I would spat everything helplessly in my face while wearing the plastic bag, made her laughter. But that was not what she had in mind. She didn’t want me to puke. The feeling p*ssed over, but my chance to be f*cked by the most beautiful woman in the world was lost. At least for the day. My goddess promised, that I would experience everything the next time we would meet. I’m still unhappy about it and with each p*ssing day, this feeling become a little bit stronger. I need this so bad. I need to feel her c*ck in my *ss! Sometimes I cry because of my missed chance. But I’m looking forward to our next session. My goddess always keeps her promises. Lady Mila also told me that she will no longer use my mouth to flush her sh*t. I will be her urinal bowl. I will be her t*ilet paper. I will be her tampon s*cker. I will be her waste disposal. Maybe I will taste her sh*t on my tongue again - I would absolutely love this! - but she’ll no longer force me to sw*ll*w it. I was relieved. Although I always dreamed about it, Lady Mila was the first person that used me as a full t*ilet. It was harder than expected to sw*ll*w sh*t. During our first session I had also problems to consume it. I love my goddess. And I’m really thankful for her decision. She is an emphatically person. She has a fine sense for situations and other people. She can be strict and sadistic like hell, but she can also be gracious and understanding. That's another reason why serving her is so special. Although I missed the f*ck of my life, the last act of our session was wonderful again. Lady Mila opened my cage. “Since you did well the whole weekend and s*cked another person to orgasm, you shall have a full orgasm as well.” I was so happy. I started to serve Lady Mila on 11th August 2017. Since this day I only experienced one full orgasm. It was 52 days ago. I was so needy to c*m. Lady Mila was sitting on a chair and watched. I was kneeling in front of her. I furiously wanked my c*ck. Then the real magic started. She spat on me. She spat in my face. She spat in my mouth. She spat on my c*ck. She spat on my body. Over and over again. She said no word. She just smiled and spat on me. She didn’t stop. That was too much for me. Soon I was over the edge. The orgasm was gigantic. I never experienced a better in my whole life. I never shot so much c*m. Thank you so much for letting your chaste toy c*m in your presence Lady Mila. Thank you so much my beautiful mistress. Soon after I had to leave. I had a long journey ahead of me. It was around 20:00 CET. I had served Lady Mila for more than 29 hours! My goddess told me, how much she enjoyed my stay. She told me, that she'll miss me. She told me, that I will have to visit her soon again. It wasn’t just words. My mistress meant everything exactly as she said it. I could feel her affection clearly. That was definitely the most euphoric moment for me. I almost burst because of my happiness. That's all I want. That's my biggest fetish: To please my goddess. To make her happy. My time with Lady Mila was fabulous. I am bound to this woman more than ever before. My chains are indestructible. I’m her sl*ve for the rest of my lifetime. And I will need this time. The depths of submission are endless. There is so much I have to learn from Lady Mila.   Sl*ve Sven

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